Hey! You there. How long have you been sitting at that computer? And how many hours have you spent this week running from bed to drop-off to work to pick-up to dinner to housework to computer to bed? Whatever happened to taking time for yourself?

You might think there is no point in exercising if you can’t get in a mega session at the gym. You might pinch a roll on your tummy as you reach back into the cracker box and think, “What’s the point? One workout can’t fix this.”

What if you stopped trying to fix yourself?

What if you decided to view exercise for its immediate effects instead of what it can do in the 6-8 week range or by the time bathing suit season rolls around?

The truth is that exercise can provide a much-needed break in the day for brain and body, as well as satisfying that instant-gratification craving for results. As in now. As in I want to exercise and feel better right now.

Well, you can!

Here is a simple, effective home workout designed to awaken brain and body, with 5 carefully-chosen exercises to address common concerns rising from the working parent’s daily grind. No equipment needed, and any body type can enjoy these moves!

Each exercise is designed to be done for 1 minute at whatever pace you desire—slower with fewer reps will provide that calm, zen break and faster with more reps (my personal favourite) will clear your mind and leave you with a bit of post-exercise euphoria. Who doesn’t need a little euphoria?

Perform once through for a quick bit of relief. Got a bit more time? Put on some music and do this sequence 3 times through for a 20-minute workout – you’ll reap great core training & posture benefits, immediately and with each workout!


Frog Squat (opens hips, strengthens core & legs, improves flexibility & blood flow)



Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes turned out. Raise arms in front of you as you squat, keeping heels down and lowering bum below knees, as close to floor as possible. (Note: if you suffer from knee pain, stop when thighs are parallel with ground instead; if no knee injury is present, this squat is perfectly safe.) Keep chest lifted and eyes raised. Hold for 1 count, then press hard into your heels and push knees out as you stand up. Repeat at desired pace for 1 minute.



Hover to Downward Dog (strengthens core, stretches legs to prevent/ease back pain)



Begin on hands & knees in “box” position. To increase difficulty, back knees up a few inches so they are slightly behind hips. Lift knees off floor 1-2 inches and keep shoulders aligned over wrists. Exhale as you lower to tap knees on floor gently 10 times, then press back into downward dog and aim to lower heels to floor. Hold downward dog for 10 counts. Repeat at desired pace for 1 minute.



Single Leg Deadlift (strengthens & stretches legs & back, improves balance & focus)

Begin standing with feet together and raise right leg a few inches off floor. Tip forward slowly and bend supporting left leg slightly as you reach toward floor. Push your bum back as far as you can until you can’t hinge any further, with back flat. Press up through left heel, squeezing your bum as you come back to standing with proper posture. To increase difficulty, place an item on the floor (dumbbell, book, etc.) to pick up & place down with each rep. Repeat at desired pace for 1 minute on each leg.


Prone TYI (corrects posture & strengthens back & shoulders, plus it’s nice to lie down…)



Lie on tummy with feet together and squeeze your bum slightly as you perform 15 reps of each of the following. First, arms extended out to sides in a “T” shape with your torso; raise head and arms off floor and pulse upward, squeezing shoulderblades together, 15 times. Repeat with arms extended slightly forward but wide, in a “Y” shape with your torso. Finally, repeat with arms extended straight forward and thumbs up, palms facing in. Repeat sequence at desired pace for 1 minute total.


Windmill (improves flexibility in core and spine, improves blood flow & posture)


Begin standing with feet wide and arms extended out to sides. Exhale and scoop belly up as you bend and lower left arm to outside of right leg. Brace left arm on right leg and apply pressure slightly to help you twist your spine and open chest and right arm up to right side. Hold for 3 counts, then rise slowly to starting position. Alternate sides and repeat for 1 minute.


Well, what are you waiting for? Get moving!