This is the kind of article you type with one finger while you’re breastfeeding, petting the dog with your foot, and trying to stir a pot.

After a couple weeks flying solo you learn a few tricks. I figured I’d pass on the love.

Here you go!

  1.  Embrace the mess

It’s ok if the shelf is dusty, the sink is overflowing, and you have to rewash the dark load because you forgot it in the washer 2 days ago. Don’t waste your energy on the sweeping. It’s not the end of the world.  And sadly, it’ll all still be waiting for you once you’re a dynamic duo again. So there’s that.


  1. Let go of expectations

You might be late for everything. You might miss all your appointments. You might forget that it was your turn to make play doh for your kid’s class or that you needed to sign that thing that was really important. You may not be able to keep the pristine routine that you have come to know and love as your own brand of normalcy. But what the hell is normal, anyway?


  1. Delegate

Ask for help, and outsource as much as you can. Your kids can dress themselves. The dog walker can walk the dog. The pizza place can make dinner. It’s NOT all on you. There is no judges panel (except for your own ego) handing out 3.5’s for technical merit because you didn’t execute every last detail of your parenting adventure. In fact, delegation gives you more quality time with your kids. So take it.


  1. Try not to resent the other parent

The toilet just overflowed, the car won’t start, the baby’s crying, your other kid is late for ballet and you missed an important client call. Also, you have poo on your shirt. Why? Because it’s solo-parenting SCIENCE. It’s par for the course that your chin will wobble hopelessly, you’ll seriously contemplate a stiff drink instead of your morning coffee, and NONE OF THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING IF IT WEREN’T FOR THEM…. Sometimes you just can’t stop the Zuul from coming to the surface. And that’s ok. Just remember, you guys are a team and at some point they’ll be flying solo while you’re off doing your thing. And then you can laugh maniacally.

And on that note…


  1. Don’t forget to laugh. A lot.

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