Why was I doing this again?

Luckily today was a crappy joint day due to the bipolarity of the weather and the carb/sugar hangover I’m sure I’m experiencing in super early stages of detox. It served as a sufficient reminder that I want to reduce inflammation.

Of course my first instinct when I want to hide away is to gravitate to bland, starchy, zero-nutrient and low-residue things like pancakes, pasta, and bread. Mmmmmm…

For breakfast I had a very simple bacon (no additives, no preservatives) and eggs with some fruit on the side.

For lunch I had a couple of turkey, avocado and mango lettuce wraps which were delicious.

At 3pm I hit the dreaded wall and had 1 spoon of tahini, a pear, and a gazillion handfuls of approved trail mix. (Portions, smortions.)

For dinner we all had zoodles (zucchini meets trusty julienne peeler) with chicken meatballs in tomato sauce, accompanied by a gianormous salad.

I was still starving and in search of that elusive ‘sweet’ high note to finish on. So naturally I stuffed 5000 dates in my mouth. And guess what.

They didn’t turn into Twix Bars like I was hoping.

Apparently this is all par for the course. Things don’t look like a whole lot of fun on the Whole30 until day 16. So I’m hanging in there.

Also, I want to make out with Jarlsberg cheese while sourdough bread watches.