So I didn’t get it. David Bowie died. Ok, now what?

This might seem heartless to anyone who knows me given my reactions to the death of Harold Ramis, Leonard Nimoy or Robin Williams. All artists who affected my life— but David Bowie never did that, did he?

The morning the news broke the love of my life was sitting on the stairs curled up in a ball sobbing. I could only look at her because I didn’t get it. David Bowie was just that weird guy from “Labyrinth” and the vampire in “The Hunger”. Is that the sum total of his effect on my life? Pretty much…

Oh how wrong I was!

My Facebook exploded in thanks and love all for David Bowie. I spent the good portion of 3 hours studying this man’s life through news and the eyes and lives of those who loved and never met him. As a trendsetter, pop and fashion icon David Bowie paved a path for generations of men and women who felt different. Whose place in this world was not accepted because they chose to view life beyond conformity. He was one of few, an original rebel.


And his Music… I love Queen and the story of Under Pressure is amazing. David Bowie and Freddy Mercury playing for 24 hours and creating that song. A living song! I put on some of his music and I was so surprised at how much of it I knew. I sat and listened, and really heard it for the first time. Bowie’s music was not just background noise fighting off room tone like a lot of what I find myself listening to these days. David Bowie was speaking to me.

I understood the sobbing.

If you have ever dated a creative person it is a true treat observing the way their mind works. I love art and my mind works in pictures. The love of my life works through music. It is a true pleasure watching her create. Taking a picture or a client’s vague idea and adding the strings, the bass line, bringing in the harmony and dynamite vocals and when she is done she’s created visual music.

When the room tone of life was telling her to be this and conform to that, a voice among many, a man named David Bowie said “Look at me and listen to this! You are not alone.”


I’m sorry you lost a hero love, but you will never really lose him. He left his inspiration. Press play, and rebel.


Thank you Starman.