“Acceptance is not resignation.”

I love that quote from Michael J. Fox. And even though I kind of have to accept that I have a lovely array of autoimmune issues, I will pretty much try anything to keep my symptoms at bay.

I promise, I will eventually write a post about how the Medical Medium fell into my life, and how I’m introducing parts of his various protocols to see if I can stop flares and stay in remission. But for now, I am passing on to you one of his free smoothie recipes with horse power, that is supposed to clear a ton of heavy metals from your body. And I mean, it’s pretty intense but it works. It’s like the Buckley’s of smoothies. Except it tastes better. Maybe. Well, let’s just say that the first time I made it, I may have flubbed a few things – and I may also have questioned some of the ingredients.

Now I like blueberries. They’re delicious and apparently chocked full of awesome ‘kick the bad stuff right out of you’ properties to boot. And I love the nurturing potassium charge that is a banana. But I was a little hesitant when I saw that cilantro was on the ingredient list. Wait. Cilantro? Aka Coriander? The stuff that Cap hates unless it’s been cleverly masked in Mexican or Thai cuisine? You want me to put that in my smoothie? Well, apparently cilantro also has fantastic Mr. Clean like qualities when it comes to getting your insides optimized.

And then there’s Atlantic Dulse – which, well, I discovered has a very interesting scent to it. I also realized that I put entirely too much into the blender. And I completely forgot to add an ingredient that would have made everything taste a heck of a lot more harmonized (orange juice!). But even smoothie-making has a learning curve and apparently dulse too has quite the mercury cleansing superpower, so win-win.

Unfortunately, Amazon still hasn’t delivered my Hawaiian Spirulina, but according to ‘MM’, this works like a dynamic duo with the barley juice extract powder I added to the blender. Apparently the barley juice pulls mercury and heavy metals from various organs and the spirulina absorbs it and then, in my head some kind of good guys versus toxins kung fu battle ensues to a DeBarge soundtrack. Perhaps.

Watch what happened the first time I made the smoothie:

Image of IGTV video still with link

Aside from missing key ingredients, my trepidation around dulse, and my teeth fully turning purple from the blueberries by the end of the video (Cap was full-on laughing the first time he watched it), I have made that smoothie again and again. The first time it took me a few spoons to gather the full taste-potential, but I can honestly say that my palette now craves this strange and awesome blend of ingredients.

I can’t say that this is from the smoothie directly, because I’ve also been adding supplements, celery juice to my morning, and cutting down on animal-based fats and proteins, but I can absolutely tell you that I have more energy, clarity, and I am starting to sleep better too! And whether you want to try this out because you think it sounds delicious, you like the heavy metal detox aspect, or you’re just plain curious, I say give it a go!

Here’s how you can make one for yourself:


The Medical Medium’s Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie 

2 bananas
2 cups wild blueberries
1 cup cilantro
1 cup orange juice
1 tsp barley grass juice powder
1 tsp spirulina
1 small handful of Atlantic dulse
Optional: water to blend

In a high speed blender, blend all ingredients until smooth. Since making it that first time, I have blended things a little longer just to really grate up the dulse (which even though I can hardly detect, still freaks me out).


I’ve found it very helpful to ease into the full amounts of ingredients with each smoothie that I make. After the first dulse incident, I started at a 1 tsp, and have gradually increased to just shy of the tablespoon. Apparently some people also have this experience with the strong taste of the barley extract, so the same approach can be used.

Also, if the cilantro is too much, you can always use less in the smoothie; and make up for it in a gorgeous salad.

ENJOY! And please do read the Medical Medium’s original post on this, along with his insights on the ingredients!


Want more? Watch Kat’s Tales of The Autoimmutant on IGTV!

This is not sponsored in any way by Medical Medium.

Also, I’m not any kind of doctor, and I don’t even vaguely pretend to know about the properties of foods, herbs, or supplements (unless toxin kung fu fighting is a legit thing, in which case, I’m a genius). This is my personal experience, for informational purposes only, not meant as advice, nor does it remotely promise any benefit. In fact, you should always talk to your licensed health care professionals before you start any program whether it’s exercise or nutrition (or dulse) related to make sure that it’s right for you.