Retail Crush: Exuberance

Last month I did one of the best things I could have done for myself. I went to Ottawa as part of the Yummy Mummy Club’s Winterlude celebration on Family Day weekend. And I went without the family. That was my family’s little gift to me. A me-time getaway.

I had 2 nights of luxurious sleep. I met incredible women with life-changing impact. I got spoiled. And I fell in love with my skin.

As a mom I have no time to think about what’s best for my face, and at 33, I’m in denial about anti-aging products. I still don’t have a real skincare regimen down pat either. My routine consists of (1) buy something cheap/on sale (2) use it until it runs out (3) keep forgetting to buy new products (4) start using weird samples and hotel creams, soaps and washes that Hubs has brought back from conferences. That is, until YMC Winterlude.

Kelli Catana (@kellidaisy) and Candace Derickx (@seemummyjuggle) planned some incredible events for us moms. But the free mini-facial and makeover at the amazing Daya Spa was the cherry on top. We were greeted with gusto, and ushered into comfortable and relaxing treatment rooms, where we were given some much needed eyebrow shaping (I’m speaking for myself here), and then cleansed, toned, and moisturized before an incredible 2-minute makeover with makeup guru Daniel Thompson. But that’s another story. Back to the facial.

Usually I shy away from facials. I worry that my skin will be over-stimulated and I’ll break out. (Yes. This from the woman who was using Sheraton body lotion as her night cream.)  This however, was a different experience.

The cleanser my attendant applied was silky and weightless. It was unscented, but felt incredible as it glided on my skin. Then, we toned with a spritz of something that smelled so delightful I caught myself breathing really deeply and making borderline inappropriate noises.  (Sorry to the nice lady who was looking after me.) To finish off, we applied a lovely rose scented moisturizer. This was another delicate yet super-hydrating cream that didn’t feel like it was filming over my skin, but that my face seemed to just drink in. And that’s when it hit me. I had never thought this much about skincare. I was having a total skin-piphany.

Exuberance Green Tea Cleanser

Step 1 in the facial? The fantastic, weightless, Green Tea cleanser.

I came out of the treatment room feeling like my skin had just done yoga for three hours. In a good way. I knew I was already a disciple of the products they were using, I just had to figure out exactly what they were.

As I was mingling in my post-facial daze, I started chatting with a very nice lady in a fabulous dress. I hadn’t met any of the mummies involved with YMC until that weekend, and she seemed so at-home and part of the crowd that I naturally assumed she was in our party. ‘Darn’ I thought, ‘I don’t recognize her. Should I know her? What’s her Twitter handle?’

We started talking about the incredible free  (Thanks YMC!) facial and I gushed about the products that were used and then fell into an easy banter about how my skin routine sucked. She nodded, relating, and talked about her own problem skin and how that was really what inspired her to start her line.

Wait… What did she just say?

“I’m sorry. Your line? As in, you started these products? The ones they used in the facial?!”  Oh wow.

Jodi Fedor, with her effervescent smile, easy-going grace, and a refreshing, genuine, modesty – the owner/creator of Exuberance no-less – had been talking to me for 20 minutes. I was awestruck. Her products have been used by celebrities, are sold at the Bay and other high-end retailers, and are frankly some of the most effective, practical, and luxurious skincare essentials.  And I should know, because I’ve used some pretty interesting (and random) products on my skin.

I was amazed that Jodi had ever had problem skin, still, she openly talked about her struggle with acne, showing me on her cheek how her toner had made a minute cropping of her blemishes disappear in a few days. Instantly likeable, I felt like I was catching up with a high school friend. She talked about her 2 years of Accutane, and her search for a holistic approach to both inner and outer health and beauty. Her journey led her through making products in her own kitchen, and resulted in Exuberance, a serious line of skincare with a youthful appeal. Much like Jodi herself.

In fact, all the elements of the Exuberance experience, from the attention to the quality organic ingredients, and the caring little personal-touch ‘notes’ on the packaging, to Jodi’s own accessible and welcoming chatter, create an immediate and indelible brand presence in my mind. I realized that her philosophy had come to life through her product-line. There was no bullshit here. It was pure.. exuberance!

I was eager to write this all down from the moment I left the spa, but life, business, and motherhood, mugged me along the way. Every morning and evening I would use the incredible cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye cream (The Best. Hands. Down.) and think about how I had not only bought some incredible products (10% of all proceeds go to charity), but how I had also been given a small daily ritual. I now have a few moments to think about me, my health, and the way my skin expresses it all. Washing my face is no longer just a clinical way to scrub off dirt and baby guck at the end of a day.

Exuberance Eye Cream

Dreamy Evening Primrose Eye Cream, I heart you.

Three weeks later, my skin is far more even in tone and moisture, I have been able to get away with less-to-no makeup, and (bonus) I smell good. I also haven’t had to over-pump any of the products – these babies are going to last me for a good long time –  and I feel like I’m really taking care of myself.

I found this quote from Jodi on the side of Tangerine and Sugar Maple Balancing Facial Tonic, and it summarizes perfectly.

“…Recognizing the importance of self-care and applying the practice is a powerful choice, because when we blossom and thrive individually, the world thrives and blossoms collectively. And that is a beautiful thing. Welcome to Exuberance..”

Jodi Fedor, Exuberance

Jodi Fedor shows off Exuberance at Daya Spa in Ottawa.

Check out to learn more about Jodi’s skin philosophy and all the products in the Exuberance product line.

A special thank you to Erica Ehm, The Yummy Mummy Club, Kelli Catana, Candace Derrickx, Jodi Fedor, Daniel Thompson, and all the amazing staff at Daya Organic Spa and Wellbeing Boutique in Ottawa.