Want a healthy eating tip for postpartum moms? Take it one spoon at a time.

I am finding it ridiculously hard to eat healthy at 2 months postpartum.

I used to try to eat 5 to 6 smaller protein-charged meals a day, with select grains and lots of fruits and steamed/raw veggies to keep my energy up and my Crohn’s in check. These days I’m lucky if I can find my mouth with my fork.

Now, I’m fairly certain that’s because of the delirium associated with my ‘Just Had A 2nd Kid’ parenting learning curve, but I’m slowly trying to replace my ‘stuff random empty calories into my mouth whenever possible’ approach to food, with a healthier one. Trying is the operative word, people.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • I’m drinking more water than coffee (which is a huge accomplishment).
  • I’m putting healthy veggie snacks aside for myself when I make my daughter’s school snacks.
  • I’ve been eating a great big bowl of oatmeal (sweetened only with a few raisins) for both the fibre qualities and the galactoguage goodness.
  • I’m slipping extra protein and fibre into meals and things like pancakes and shakes.
  • I’m meal planning so I buy less processed and more fresh food.

I am also getting as much inspiration as possible from amazing fit mamas around me. Last week I got a chance to chat with Amy Brown, the awesome mom, Pilates instructor and business brain behind the superfood Baby Brain Organics.

BBO is one of the cereal/seed mixes that I use in my shakes and in our family’s pancakes and muffins. I’ve even added a spoon to spaghetti sauce. It seriously doesn’t taste like anything so it’s a super easy way to get fibre, protein, and omegas into all of us, painlessly. This is nice only because my 4 year old hit the phase where she screams like a harpy if something ‘new’ or suspiciously healthy is on her plate.

It’s also way easier for me to add a spoon to my own food right now than to wrap my brain around eating differently, but talking to Amy got me pumped to try harder.

So now I’ll be adding BBO to my cookies too. BAM.


Here’s my Q&A with Amy. Enjoy!

Have you always been health conscious? 

Yes, I have always been interested in nutrition, health and wellness… but as a mom, now more than ever, I like things that make health and nutrition EASY.

When did you start doing Pilates? 

I have been teaching Pilates for 15 years and I still love it!

What was the moment you knew you had to start Baby Brain Organics?

As soon as my doctor suggested I start my son on solids, I became obsessed with what children need for healthy brain and body development. They need omega 3s and protein, especially from conception through the first 10 years of life. But most kids eat too many carbohydrates and not enough of the good brain and body-building stuff. I was disappointed with the choices available on the market, so I knew that Baby Brain Organics had to be created. It makes it easy for parents to make meals healthier. It’s brilliant for the whole family and can be added to almost anything.

Is your kidlet a picky eater? Are you?

Yes, my little man is a picky eater —but he is a big fan of Baby Brain Organics.

I have found that a lot of parents with kids who have allergies are relieved to find Baby Brain Organics —it’s nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free & egg-free.

Yes, I am lactose-intolerant and sensitive to a lot of food… so I know how hard it can be to make something healthy and tasty!

What’s your favourite kid approved BBO recipe? 

We make Pumpkin Monkey Pancakes a lot in our house. I make a big batch on the weekend, freeze some and pop them in the toaster for breakfast during the week.

What do you think are the worst snacks out there for kids? For adults?

In my opinion MOST granolas and granola bars are awful snacks for both adults and kids. They are generally filled with sugar and bad fats… but they are touted as “healthy” which makes them worse – parents think they are doing something good for their kids. Just because there is “flax” or “whole grains” on the package, doesn’t mean it’s healthy!

What’s your food/snack weakness?

My weaknesses are kettle corn (can’t even have it in the house – oh my!!) and chocolate chip banana bread —such a comfort food! My son and I make it all the time, but we add lots of Baby Brain Organics so I feel less guilty about all the chocolate chips.

I was excited to hear that you’re developing a new Baby Brain Organics bar! Have you thought about the flavours they might be?

We have been working with a nutritionist, on granola bars for 6 months. We started with about 25 recipes, then narrowed it down to 4 varieties. Those were tested by hundreds of kids and parents and two are overwhelmingly the favourites. They are low in sugar but still super-delicious! I can’t reveal the flavours, but trust me you and your kids will love them!

If you could give 3 tips to a new mom what would they be?

I have just one tip: don’t judge or let others judge you. All parents are doing the best they can. I certainly don’t judge what other parents feed their kids; but I want to make it easy to feed your family well.

If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Ha ha…my wish is for children to eat healthier; that there is a bag of Baby Brain Organics in every family’s kitchen.

Connect with Amy!

Twitter: @babybrainorg
Instagram: @babybrainorganics
Facebook: /babybrainorganics
Website: babybrainorganics.com
Indiegogo: BBO Bar Campaign