I feel like I missed my window to blog after Christmas. That happens, you know?

I wanted to craft a special ‘Guess What I’m the New Blogger at Yummymummyclub.ca’ type-post, but my modesty got in the way. I wrote a few drafts, wrote a few more, and then threw everything to the wind. I thought “When it feels right, I’ll write.”

And then I had this dream.

I was getting my hair re-blonded, and in the colourist’s mirror I saw the reflection of Chewbacca sitting behind me in a stylist’s chair. Naturally.

I turned around and heard him warble-growling about how he couldn’t do anything with his fur, and I suggested teasing it. Then the stylist brought out a Bumpit set and voila. My dream had a money-shot.

It was so awesome that I had to recreate it in Photoshop when I woke up.

So here you are.

And by the way, in case you didn’t already know, I’m now also blogging for Yummymummyclub.ca. *Beam*

xo Kat