What is up with drinking 16oz of celery juice on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning? Is it just a trend? Is it a ‘detox’ or a ‘lose weight quick’ strategy, or another strange cleanse? Nope. Is it a Superfood that can kill pathogens, improve methylation, rid the body of neurotoxins and virus, and even reverse symptoms from debilitating autoimmune diseases? Well, as a spoonie who has been navigating her way through Crohns, MCTD, Hypothyroid, Fibromyalgia, Spondylitis and more, I can absolutely say the benefits are huge – although they may not be what you were expecting. Regardless, I’ve been drinking it every day for the last 2 months. Here’s why I’m not going back.


Third Times The Charm

The first time I heard about Anthony William (aka Medical Medium , and the originator of this amazing celery juicing craze), it was in neuro-physio rehab. I had been in the hospital for a month with a debilitating stroke-like neuro episode linked to my MCTD and a bad reaction to one of my medications. One day, after a deep conversation about intuition and manifesting life changes, a lovely nurse told me she felt I would really like William and his story, and to check him out. I didn’t.

The 2nd time, my browser connected me with his blog and some podcast transcripts. After so many conditions and diagnoses one of my doctors had actually said in frustration, “I mean, how many things can you possibly have at the same time?!” Far from being upset, I remember instead being amused and in that moment thinking “…She’s right. How many can I have? What if we don’t know enough? What if it’s just one thing? What’s if it’s a virus or bacteria or something?” I quickly dismissed the absurdity of my idea, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe there was a glimmer of truth to it.

Later, I had accessed my hospital blood work results and for some reason the positive Ebstein Barr Virus test I found (deemed unimportant by all the docs) pulled at my intuition. A quick google later, I was reading William’s theory about how EBV and other viruses like Shingles, and bacteria like Strep (all of which I’ve had recurring issues with) can affect us in ways we can’t imagine- contributing to Crohns, thyroiditis, connective tissue disease, and a ton of neurological issues. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do next. So I did nothing.

The 3rd time I heard about Anthony William, it was from one of my best friends. I asked how her mom was doing after a rough patch and was happily surprised to hear she was doing great – completely healed! “But how?”, I asked, excitedly.

“Have you heard of the Medical Medium?” My friend asked.


Compassion Before Juicing

That was it. I decided to put my skepticism on hold and listened to Anthony’s free “Healing Path” course. It resonated deeply with me, so I decided to start implementing some of his approaches. No, we’re not at the celery juice yet. The first thing I brought into my life was compassion. That’s right,  I started being compassionate with myself like my health depended on it. Because, as I’ve since learned, it does. I stopped judging myself for displaying symptoms. I stopped being disappointed and wondering where I went wrong if I flared. Let me tell you, the first month of being compassionate was harder than sticking to any diet or health protocol. And right there I realized that anything else I introduced on this path would not be a trend or a clean-eating bootcamp, or deliver results through restriction and condescension. I had already done all those things and they’d even worked for a while, but inflammation and symptoms would seem to come back worse than ever. And then I would berate myself. I would compare myself. I would feel shame if I slipped.

It took me 2 months of compassion and little changes like going to bed at 10pm, drinking water, and reintroducing leafy greens and all the maligned lectin-filled carbs I had cut out, back into my diet. I cried a lot as I let go of my fear. I slipped and slid with my boundaries. I explored the roots of my self-sabotage and healing. I went to therapy. And when I finally recommitted to cutting gluten and dairy out, I knew I wouldn’t binge or have FOMO on pizza night. I was right. That’s when I bought his books to learn more.

I poured through William’s case studies with a mixture of shock, empathy, and tear-filled hope. I would turn to Cap and my mom in near disbelief and read them chapters reflecting my exact symptoms and stories of decline- except these people, they managed to go into remission, or heal or at the very least stop things from progressing. ‘Acceptance in not resignation’ I told myself.  I knew I had to start small so I picked the one thing that he recommended across the board. Enter, Celery Juice.

My hair growing back after thyroid distress and more. My little buddy Kid Vader helps me juice every morning.

The First 3 Weeks of Celery

What I love is that no matter where you start with the Medical Medium, he stresses love and compassion. There is no ‘SHOULD’ or ‘MUST’. He is always proud of you. If you can only get a sip of celery juice down, then that’s where you start. If you can only start by adding lemon or cucumber to your water, then that’s your first big step to recovery. So when I gulped down about 9 oz on my first day, I felt triumphant. Of course then it hit my stomach and I thought I was going to pass out. In fact, I had such horrible nausea that I lay down and ended up sleeping for 3 hours! ‘This can’t be right’ I remember thinking. But I did find in his books and on-line that some people do need to build up a tolerance for it, get used to it, and some might even have stronger reactions (like nausea or fatigue) than others as it does it’s magic. I decided to go for a week to see if it made a difference.

That first week changed my life.

My morning stiffness which could sometimes last for over an hour, was cut in half. My energy was back out of no where. Cap commented on my skin. I could lift my 4 year old and take him to the bathroom, and my shoulders hardly hurt. My chronic migraines and neuro pain had lessened noticeably- I wasn’t sound and light sensitive! I decided I might try another week.

My Crohns and some troubling colon inflammation had been acting up in the weeks prior, along with very painful dysmotility (where your intestines don’t move things along) and gastroparesis (where your stomach doesn’t empty). My gastroenterologist had been actively trying to find the right combination of motility agents, and ways to help jump-start my peristalsis, but it always ended up with me running a low-grade fever, vomiting or passing undigested food from days earlier, feeling exhausted and malnourished, and generally being terrified of whatever I put in my mouth. By week 2 of daily celery juice, this had gone from a daily struggle, to intermittent. By the end of week 3, it was virtually non-existent. My weight started stabilizing. My appetite came back. I was laughing again.

Within 3 weeks my thyroid prescription also needed to be lowered. What we originally thought might be Hashimoto’s due to a violent swing from hypo to hyperthyroid was stabilized and regulated! My prescription has been lower and consistent ever since. My hair started growing back (you can see the big clump of new growth in the pic of me and Kid Vader!). My malar rash and horrifying rosacea which plagued me especially in the fall and winter, hasn’t made an appearance. My autoimmune rash on my back has healed almost completely.  But the biggest benefit has been  that my debilitating brain fog has diminished and my concentration improved. And my family noticed.

Cap bringing me a bouquet of celery.

Weeks 4 through 8 and then some

In the weeks that followed, celery became a love language with Cap and I. He’d bring me bunches and it meant more to me than any bouquet. If symptoms were making my life difficult, he’d do the juicing for me and now even cleans the juicer. (That’s love, people.) After the first month of watching me guzzle my ‘Hulk Juice’, he asked to try it. He has been drinking it since. Of course the kids couldn’t be left out. At first, it was to say “Ewwwwwwwwww that is so gross!!!” And then it was to accept the challenge of taking a sip. Now, we all drink it every morning. Kid Vader helps me wash and juice the 2 stalks we go through, and Vee helps cheer everyone on during the Chug Challenges. The kids have gone from small gulps to a few ounces each and it grows every day. Cap is up to 12 oz too!

The biggest benefit that I’ve noticed since week 3, has been my anxiety and cutting down even more medication. Whenever I would flare or have a symptom, my anxiety would be horrendous. It would often consume my day and leave me feeling helpless and lost. I’m not going to lie, it’s still there, particularly when I have a pain flare or other symptom. But it’s not a horrific and nebulous thing. I can navigate it. I can be mindful. I can concentrate and self-talk. My inflammation and pain have also lessened and I’ve been able to cut medications I have been using for pain management in half. I am still in shock about that. I can honestly say that for the first time in years I’m not a prisoner in my body or my mind.

Cap swears he’s lost weight, and he doesn’t have cravings for the foods that bother his gut. The kids are sleeping better, their mystery rashes are subsiding, and they not complaining about tummy aches or bloating and diarrhea all the time – and because of that it became easier for us to see that they did in fact have food allergies. In a weird way, celery juice helped our whole family commit to a gluten-free lifestyle. And as you may be able to guess, I feel better than I did when I was ‘doing great’ with the help of immunosuppressors and imunomodulators and eating a strict Paleo or Whole 30 diet.

The other benefit is the ripple that celery caused in my home and our lives. Waking up and making the choice to juice, and drink water, and nourish your body and mind with compassion and fresh foods becomes the most natural thing. I didn’t think it would be- it all seemed so hard and distant only a few months ago. But it turns out that when your body thrives, your mind thrives. Since first hearing Anthony William’s name I’ve learned that actions are powerfully synonymous with our inner most beliefs about ourselves. So tomorrow and the day after and the day after, I will be juicing celery. Because it means that I will choose me. I will choose health. I will choose hope. I will choose change, and I will choose I CAN.

Compassion taught me all that.

Compassion, and celery juice.


Vee says she sleeps better, she’s happier, and her rashes are getting better.


Kid Vader’s skin rashes have improved drastically – he now only reacts to trigger foods!

FAQ & Feedback

This has been a hot topic over the last 2 months, so I’ve gone ahead and answered some common comebacks and questions that I’ve been asked.

“But it doesn’t actually do all that, you know.”

And yet, here I am. I get it. Everyone has their own margin of belief. If it doesn’t resonate, don’t worry about it. If it does but you are skeptical, just leave the door open a crack. If you are up to trying it, please do. I don’t have the science behind it. Maybe it’s my own amazing biofeedback. Maybe it’s the celery juice. All I know is my own experience, and that both my rheumatologist and my GP have told me to keep doing whatever I’m doing. I recently was told that we didn’t have to add any other course of treatment to keep my conditions in check. As someone who used to take about 30 pills a day and inject bi-weekly that is a gift all unto itself.

“Will I lose weight?”

I have no idea. I have gained weight because I can finally absorb nutrients. My joints however, are not as big or swollen, so I’m smaller, I guess. I don’t know because I threw out my scale after working with Compassion – I also started loving my body no matter what size it was. Maybe instead of hunting for a diet or a quick fix, you could start with Compassion before Celery Juice too?

“This is nothing but a trend.”

Maybe to some. But trust me, the people who have mystery illnesses, the people who have been facing challenges every day of their lives; the people who have tried a simple and readily available vegetable juice and found any degree of improvement where other medications have failed- I don’t think they’ll see it that way.

“I can’t support you in this.”

Please don’t feel you need to. I don’t depend on you to support me or approve my actions or validate my existence. But please ask yourself why you were willing to support me through years of medications and pain killers that damaged my liver and made me feel horrible, and not when I’m eating fresh fruits and vegetables and simply drinking juice every morning.

“Is this a scam? Is there a money hook?”

Nope. We went from using 1 stalk of celery to about 2 per day. So yes, that does cost money. Organic is better, so you could say that our take out nights have been affected. But we actually don’t care – we feel great. Other than that, most of the Medical Medium’s information is accessible and free. I spent months on his site and listening to old podcasts before I decided to buy a book. There is also an amazing MM community on Instagram (#medicalmedium) and on Facebook too.

If you have another question, ask away!

Just so you know, I’m not a doctor, wellness practitioner or even remotely in the associated fields (read my little blurby below), but if you have any other questions or anything else, please leave them in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer or pass them on to someone who could.

Use your superpowers for good, lovelies.

XO Kat


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This is not sponsored in any way by Medical Medium.

Also, I’m not any kind of doctor, and I don’t even vaguely pretend to know about the properties of foods, herbs, or supplements (unless toxin kung fu fighting is a legit thing, in which case, I’m a genius). This is my personal experience, for informational purposes only, not meant as advice, nor does it remotely promise any benefit. In fact, you should always talk to your licensed health care professionals before you start any program whether it’s exercise or nutrition (or celery) related to make sure that it’s right for you.

Whatever you choose to do, or try, or not try, is always up to you. I can only speak from my own experience and I have no idea if my results are typical or not. But honestly, I hope they are. XO