Star Trek Discovery or The Orville?  Which space series is more ‘Star Trek’? Which best adheres to the principals and the prime directive of space exploration as we now, so fondly identify with it? If Gene Roddenberry were still here, what would he say to the newest incarnation bearing the Star Trek name, and what would he think of Seth MacFarlane’s new humour-laced sci-fi drama? These are the voyages *cough* I mean the questions asked by Your Geek News founder and producer Matt Campagna in his latest Facebook Live segment, Trek It Or Wreck It.

I’m not going to use this post to answer any of those questions, but I will tell you to tune in on Mondays at 9pm EST when Matt, ‘Computer’ (Canadian Screen Award winner Melissa D’Agostino), and regular guests Sonia and Vanya (major Trekkies) hash out a newly-aired episode comparison between the 2 shows.

The first 30 minutes or so is a joy to watch if you are a Type-A Trekkie. There is an abundant wealth of references sourced from all Star Trek series episodes and spin offs – and a pleasing balance of nostalgic and analytic banter that will have you jumping in to post your comments. After a discussion of both episodes’ plots, a look at scripting, acting, potential plot holes, and thoroughly satisfying conspiracy speculation, the show moves into RED ALERT mode. At this point, each guest, including Matt, take a vote: which show was more ‘Star Trek’ that week?


Major Trekkies Sonia and Vanya, with Matt in the very first episode of the show.

So far their has only been 1 episode with a unanimous ‘TREKKED IT’ for both episodes (which speaks more to the show content than anything else). Overall the varying opinions of the crew, and the participation from viewers make the time fly and the final verdict very fun to reveal.

Hot topics in past episodes:

  • What’s up with the new Klingon design?
  • How many Star Trek series acting, directing and writing cameos can you spot in The Orville?
  • How can you mind meld within a mind meld?
  • Is Stamets from the Mirror Universe?
  • Is the whole Discovery story-line so far in the Mirror Universe?
  • Which uniforms are better, The Orville’s or The Discovery?
  • How does the Orville use humour to drive drama home?
  • A SPORE drive? Really?
  • What seems more fitting- MacFarlane’s juvenile humour or random Starfleet F-bombs?
  • Is Star Trek Discovery’s huge arching plot taking away from its appeal?
  • Which is more of a family show in the vein of the original Star Trek series, Discovery or Orville?
  • Why is Mudd such a crusty asshole, instead of a jovial opportunist with bad luck?

Now, I just skimmed the top there, but talks range from production elements to quantum physics, socio-political analogies and commentary, into the very meta-ist of meta. You won’t be disappointed. You can watch all the #TrekitOrWreckit episodes right here:

You may have also noticed that both myself and Heath have been guests! I have to say it is so much fun to be with like-minded folk, and flex my Treks.

Pondering the universe, one episode at a time. #TrekItOrWreckIt

Watch for me again on Monday November 6 at 9pm EST.

And for the ultimate geek couple face-off – Matt will be having BOTH Heath and I  (and possibly be our marriage counselor?!)  on Monday November 13th, for the mid-season finale!

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